Summer Vignette Series

Introducing our Summer Vignette Series
and Patreon Channel!

During our concert season each October through April, Rendezvous Arts professionally video records, produces, and releases each concert to our Patreon Channel. We also interview our amazing artists in their studios for our subscribers to enjoy as well. In the summer months, we do not have live events—so we have created our Summer Vignette series so we can Rendezvous 12 months a year!

Ted Strandt

Stone Cutter

Peter Seman

Violin Maker

Wes Groot


The Schweikher House

& Artist Martyl Langsdorf

Ted Strandt | Stone Cutter


This show is the story of my DNA handed down to me from my maternal Grandmother, Johanne Hansen. Born in the town of Skellerup on the island of Fyn in the country of Denmark, her father was a Stenhugger also known as a Stone Cutter, as was his father and his father before him. Stone Cutters all the way back to the late 1700s. 

Like a sea turtle who is drawn to the beach where he was born, I found myself applying for work in a monument shop where I was hired. My Grandmother came to the U.S. in 1921. She had a creative side being a dressmaker as did two of her children through painting and sewing. One of them was my mother, who provided an early influence on art in my life. 

It was on a trip to Denmark that my physical and metaphysical worlds met. I had the opportunity to visit the ancestral farm, the home of generations of Stone Cutters that came before me. It was a very special place for me and this was my physical connection. The metaphysical happened when I traveled to visit the Jelling Stones. Here, I ran my hand over the Rune Stones carved during the Viking Age as a tribute to King Gorm The Old and his wife Thyra. I felt a connection to this stone carver. The Scandinavian mythology mystically traveled from the stone to the ancients, the ancestors, and then to me. It was at this moment that I felt the seed was planted in me for the Seven Other Dwarfs. Through this show, my work, art, and life come together. 

It’s my hope by the end of your viewing I will have given you a glimpse into who and what I am.  

Peter Seman | Violin Maker

Peter’s lifelong passion for building and playing violins began when he was growing up on Long Island, NY. A self-taught left-handed violinist, he began playing summers in upstate New York. After high school, he attended the School for Fine Arts at Buffalo State College, but left school for a band that played traditional Bluegrass and Gypsy Jazz. (Peter has been a passionate fan of Stéphane Grappelli since his youth.)

Although the band was achieving local success, after 10 years, Peter wanted to focus on building the instruments he so loved, and in 1984 he moved to Chicago to attend the Chicago School of Violin Making (CSVM). After graduating from CSVM, he opened his own shop with a partner in 1989. Since then, Seman Violins has grown from the original two people to nine, all of whom have either graduated from CSVM or are current students.


Wes Groot | Blacksmith

In a former life, as a trader, I either made or lost money on any given day—simple math, but that was it. There was never anything tangible to show for my efforts at the end of the day. It began to become clear to me that open outcry trading would eventually be replaced by computer trading. I told myself that whatever I do next, it definitely would be something creative. I need to make things. That’s why Cityboy Forge has been making all kinds of tangible expressions of love, gratitude, commemoration, and humor since 9:03 am Friday, September 2nd, 2005—the morning that “wg” hung up that trading jacket for the last time. Cityboy Forge’s specialty is applying the chasing and repoussē technique, and blacksmithing to useful objects like belt buckles. Part craftsman—part blacksmith—we make our clients’ great ideas into tangible custom expressions of love, gratitude, commemoration, and even humor.


The Schweikher House & Martyl Langsdorf

Upon its completion in 1938 the Schweikher house (Designed by Paul Schweikher) was a simple and modest assemblage of 2400 square feet. In essence, it is a three-room open-plan structure with beautiful spaces for living, sleeping and working. Located on a farm field on the rural edge of Chicago’s urban energy, the house staked its own distinctive position in the world of Prairie School evolution, international modernism, and Wright’s yet-to-be-defined/built Usonian invention. Rendezvous Arts looks forward to presenting a mini-concert series at this stunning home in the very near future!